CV Alerts

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CV Alerts

CV Alerts

CV alerts allow you to set up specific searches for NEWLY UPDATED candidate CVs. As soon as a candidate registers or updates their CV on the site and they match your criteria, you will receive their CV in your inbox.


Target by job title

Our CV alert solution allows you to target specific candidates by job title. No more sifting through irrelevant CVs means you can get on with the important part of the day – Making placements


Target by CV content

If you prefer, you can receive candidate CVs that contain relevant content, whether you are looking for candidates with certain skills, or who have worked for a certain company or on a past project, we have the solution for you right here. Featuring full Boolean search functionality, this impressive tool will give you the competitive edge.


Available to buy in units of a week or month at a time, they represent the most powerful and cost effective tool in your recruitment arsenal!



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